Front Suspension


Front coil springs                                                        

8.5 free length 360lb fast road, reduces ride height @1.5    27.50 each

8 free length 400lb fast road/competition                          27.50 each

7.5 free length 500lb sprint/race/track day                        27.50 each


9.5" freelength 360lb rate. Retains standard ride height to overcome sleeping policemen, rough surface autotests/auto-solo's etc, whilst reducing body roll/ brake dive. 27.50 each


Other lengths spring rates available. The ride height is very dependent on vehicle weight, stripped track cars/fibreglass panels etc will effect how low the car sits.


9/16", 5/8" or 11/16" anti-roll bar

60 each


Polyurethane suspension bushes

Inner wishbone (4) - Please call for prices.

Anti-roll bar mounts (2) -  Please call for prices.


Uprated lever arm dampers

Re-valved. 40 each (exchange)


Rear Suspension


Lowered rear leaf spring

1.5 lower than std 85 each

(Again, depends on vehicle weight)


Uprated lever arm dampers

Re-valved 40 each (exchange)


Polyurethane bushes.

Rear shackle bushes (8) - Please call for prices

Rear spring saddle bushes (4) - Please call for prices


All prices include V.A.T. but post and packing is extra and may be subject to change.

Please Contact Us to order or for further information.