Maniflow LCB manifold

Suitable for most states of tune up to @100bhp. Can use with standard 1275 Midget system, which fits INSIDE the exit pipe of the manifold.

Alternatively use our 45mm T304 stainless big bore system and repackable silencer, which goes Over the exit pipe of the manifold. Use with high output 948/998cc engines giving 65 plus bhp., and all 1098/1275 engines producing up to 100-105 bhp



Maniflow Midget Challenge LCB Manifold.

Uses same diameter primary pipes as the standard manifold, but uses a larger final collector. Allows the use of our 2" competition system with large repackable silencer. (22" long, 5.75" diameter). Designed for race 1293-1330cc engines to MG Car Club Class 'c' regulations producing 110-120 bhp, But also very good for fast road 1330-1380cc engines, as it tends to retain more mid-range torque. (Dyno testing on one race 1330cc engine showed 6bhp more in the mid range, than when using the big bore manifold).



Big Bore Stepped Long Centre Branch Manifold.

Larger diameter centre primary for first 9". For high output 1380cc race engines. For a picture click here.



K series engine Midgets.

4:2:1 Extractor Manifold. Mild steel. Can use with 1.4 / 1.6 or 1.8 engine. Use with 2" diameter exhaust system. For a picture click here.



Big Bore T304 stainless steel system

And repackable silencer to suit.



RC40 Single box system

Uses 45mm through pipe that goes over the exit pipe of the standard maniflow manifold.  Gives a nice mellow exhaust note, and reputedly takes between 0 and2 bhp on engines producing 120bhp.. (Mr Vizard..). (Through pipe now 2 piece as couriers don't like objects over 1.5 metres!).



Stainless steel 45mm competition/fast road exhaust system

Repackable stainless steel big bore silencer to use with standard bore LCB manifold. The silencer is 5" in diameter and 18" long, with a 10" stainless tail pipe that can be trimmed if necessary. The ends are held on with alen headed stainless bolts, so if the silencer wadding eventually deteriorates, its an easy job to repack it, to restore the sound deadening qualities. Superb quality. For a picture click here.



Stainless steel & aluminium lightweight repackable race exhaust system.

T304 stainless steel and aluminium system with 2" through pipe, and 5.75" diameter, 22" long big bore silencer. Matches up to the big bore Maniflow race LCB manifold. Ideal for race/fast road 1380cc engines producing over 100bhp. (Would also suit different engined Midgets. i.e. K series, Zetec or bike engines). Click here for a picture.



Big bore manifold gasket

For use with modified/ported cylinder heads





ITG Filters.

As used by many top race teams including Formula 1.  Reinforced foam filter that flows through the filter ‘face’ as well as through the sides. Many different depths/fitments available. The following in stock:


Twin 1.25” SU

As fitted to most A series Midgets/Sprites. 65mm deep filter with large single backing plate. Allows fitment of short rampipes/stub stacks.



Twin 1.5” SU

As fitted to 1500 Midgets. 65mm deep, as above.



Single 45 DCOE/DHLA

65mm deep



Single 13/4” or 1 7/8 SU”

As fitted to Metro and commonly used on road modified midgets



45 DCOE filter ‘sock’

Fits over standard ram pipes. Very useful when using 6” inlet manifold and there isn't much room by the inner wing!



Modified standard  SU manifold

As per David Vizard's book, can be done with or without locating dowels.

£50 exchange.


Modified twin 1.25” SU’s

Again as per D.Vizard, includes flowing piston chamber, throttle spindle, but not knife edging butterfly.

(Note, the carbs need to be in good condition, with unworn spindles etc).

£50 exchange.


Fuel Tank


4.75 Gallon Alloy Fuel Tank

Designed for fitting a midget boot. Internally baffled, fitted with splash tray and a fuel return for any fuel injected engines (Bike or K Series or Zetec). Excellent Quality. Click here for a picture



8.25 gallon foam filled alloy fuel tank, with sight gauge

For use in longer Endurance type events, eg HRDC, Swinging sixties 40 min two driver races, Equipe GTS or Spa. Fits in Midget boot.



All prices include V.A.T. but post and packing is extra and may be subject to change.

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