Engine & Ancillaries

Smiths Competition Rev Counter.

Zero to 8,000 RPM. Accurate stepper motor technology. 100mm diameter. Direct replacement in standard dashboard. Fantastic period style. Can be used with points or electronic ignition. K series, Zetec etc. For a picture click here.



ALDON competition distributors.

(When fitting a new distributor, its best to get the timing/fuelling set up on a reputable rolling road to ensure you get the best from your engine.)


100AYSV, Side entry cap for Midgets/Sprites, with vacuum unit. Suitable for fast road engines using Kent 266/276/286 or Piper 270/285 or Swiftune SW5/SW10 or ST 731/643 etc. Compression ratio up to @10:1 generally using SU carbs.



100AYS, Side entry cap, NO vacuum unit, Same camshafts as above, but using higher compression ratio and Weber/ Dellorto DCOE/ DHLA. (Also some SU applications)



100ARS, Side entry cap, NO vacuum unit, Rally Race tuned engines using Kent 296/310 Piper 300/320 or ST 649/Sprint/ etc



ALDON IGNITOR electronic ignition.

Upgrade your ignition system with this un-obtrusive unit that fits under the distributor cap.

LU142A Lucas 23/25D4, Fitted to most A series cars 80

LU143 Lucas 43/45D4,  Fixed contacts 74-80 80

LU144 Lucas 43/45D4,  Self wiping contacts 80- 80


All prices include V.A.T. but post and packing is extra and may be subject to change.

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