Brembo high grey cast iron content o.e. discs

Steel wheel           35 pair

Wire wheel           40 pair


Mintex original equipment pads

8.95 set


Mintex 1144 pads, fast road/competition.

Work well from cold, higher co-efficient of friction and stable up to 450 degrees.

45 set


Mintex 1155 pads. Semi-metallic race/rally pad.

Slightly noisier and more abrasive to discs, but do work very well up to @600 degrees. Very good for track days.

55 per set


Goodridge Stainless steel flexible brake hoses.

Firmer brake pedal (TUV approved).  40 set


Brake pad fitting kit, pins/spring steel clips

2.95 set


Rear brake drum

19.50 each


Mintex rear brake shoes

12.95 set


Mintex M20 competition brake shoes

50 set


Rear wheel cylinder 1098/1275  genuine



4 pot alloy brake calliper

Direct replacement for std calliper, uses original hoses/fittings etc. weighs @1.2 kg

Saves 2kg un-sprung weight on each wheel!. Bigger pads/frictional area.

450 pair


pads for 4 pot calliper

Start from 20  per set for standard friction material to 60 per set for carbon metallic.

Please ring for details.


Mintex 1144 pads for fitment to MGB calipers

Used in 9" Brake kits  



Mintex 1144 pads for fitment to KAD 4 pot alloy calipers



Carbon-Metallic race pad for KAD caliper 



ATE Super Blue racing brake fluid.

For extra security against boiling brake fluid. Boiling point 280 degrees C min.Wet boiling point 198 degrees C min. 

1 litre container  25


Dot 5.1 brake fluid

500ml 5.95


All prices include V.A.T. but post and packing is extra and may be subject to change.

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